Frequently asked questions

The package

What’s included in the package price?
Our price includes all local taxes, fees and tips. You have free use of the selected car with gas, tolls and CDW/TP insurance for the entire trip. All accommodations, dinners including wine, beer and soft drinks. Entry fees to the planned museums and some goodies along the way. We also have a couple of events planned (shush, surprise!). Of course, you will also receive a detailed road book. We also take care of your luggage which will be transported to your hotels.

So, where does it all start?
From your home location you need to travel to Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in the region. As we have guests from all over the world, we can not arrange this and the airfare is not included in the package. From Frankfurt Airport we will arrange a private transfer for you to the first hotel.

I am single, can I come, too?
Sure. A single supplement will be charged. This will cover the costs of using the car alone and the single use of double hotel rooms. Please enquire for further details.

Can I stay longer or come earlier?
Of course, just let us know what your plans are and we will find the best way to accommodate you.

The cars

What kind of car will I be driving?
You can choose between the latest model Porsche 911 Coupé, Porsche 911 Convertible, Porsche Panamera or Porsche Cayenne. If you have any other specific car in mind (BMW, Mercedes,…) let us know and we will try to get it for you. The car is for your personal and exclusive use during the entire trip. You share the car with your partner.

What’s included?
Gas, CDW/TP insurance with a liability limit of $2000, second driver and tolls are included. You have 200km/day to your free availability which is more than enough for our suggested routes and gives you some extra spare kms for private excursions.

Can my partner also drive?
Sure, the second driver is also included.

What if I exceed the included mileage?
Our planned route is about 1700 kms long. You have 2200 kms free on your 11-day rental of the Porsche. Additional mileage will be charged with 1.- € per km.

What kind of license do I need?
You should get an international driver’s license which you can apply for at any AAA office for a small fee. You have to be over 25 years old.

What if I have an accident or damage the car?
All cars are insured against theft and accidents with a personal liability of €2000. You can get an additional insurance to reduce this to €1000.

What if I get lost?
All cars are equipped with pre-programmed GPS navigation systems that will safely lead you to your next destination, even if you lost the group or took an extra turn.

Can I drive my own car?
Your new car will be delivered in Germany and you want to join the tour? No problem. Please contact us, so we can arrange this and recalculate your trip package price excluding the use of our cars.

Is the Porsche big enough to carry our luggage for 12 days?
No, but don’t worry. We have a separate luggage truck that will collect the luggage every morning and deliver it to the next hotel on the route. It will be in your room when you arrive.

The tour

Will we be racing?
No, this is a leisure trip, not a racing event. Nevertheless, you are free to drive the car as fast as the speed limit, traffic and weather conditions allow.

What speed limit? I thought there was no speed limit!
Well, there is no general speed limit on the Autobahn and on the unrestricted sections you will be able to drive up to 250 kph. But some sections are restricted and we advise you to follow the rules. Depending on traffic conditions the average speed is approx 120 – 160 kph with the occasional run up to 250 kph. However, in France the speed limit is 130 kph and in Austria 120 kph, which is strictly enforced.

Is the itinerary fixed?
We are still in the planning stage and you are welcome to make suggestions. Once the tour is set and all guests have signed up we will finalize the road books. Nevertheless, during the trip you are always free to choose your own route or to make stops and detours if you like. We’ll see you at dinner!

Do we drive as a group?
Yes, we can, but this is not mandatory. We have planned the tours along the nicest and most scenic routes. But the choice of route is entirely yours. Should you prefer to do some fast kms on the Autobahn and join us later for dinner at the hotel, that’s fine.

The hotels

What’s included?
We have booked some of the nicest and most luxurious 4*/5*-hotels for you. The package includes accommodation, gourmet dinners, breakfast and full use of all hotel amenities such as spa facilities and pools. Fine wines, beer and soft drinks served with dinners are also included.

What’s the dress code?
Sportscar casual. For dinner some of the more upscale hotels require you to wear proper attire, so it’s advisable to bring something slightly more formal. A suit and tie are not needed.

Do you have Internet access?
Yes! All hotels and many locations along the route will offer WiFi so you can stay connected with home and share your impressions.

I have allergies or restrictions regarding food. Is that a problem?
No problem, just let us know, so we can inform the hotels and restaurants and find alternatives for you.

The guests

Who is traveling with us?
Our tours are mainly targeted at international travelers from the US, Canada and Australia who love sports cars, traveling, fine dining and enjoy life. We are sure that those common interests will be the spark for many interesting conversations between like-minded people and maybe you’ll make new friends. And we, your hosts Klaus and Tom, will also travel with you. We look forward to meeting you!

How big is the group?
Currently we are planning for a small group of about 12 to 16 guests in 6 to 8 cars. We want to keep this a personal experience and be able to give every single guest the best attention possible.

Can I bring my children?
Sorry, no. The cars and the whole tour are tailored to two people sharing a car and room and some of our activities, including wine tasting, are not really child-friendly.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry to say no again, but some hotels have restrictions regarding animals and pets are not allowed in the cars either.


I don’t speak German, Bavarian or French. Do I need to learn it?
We’ll teach you! 😉 Don’t worry. All our tour materials are in English and the staff in the hotels is used to catering to international guests. We will make sure our excursions and visits are accompanied by English speaking guides.

Can I use my cell phone?
Most US phones will work but roaming fees will apply. Please contact your carrier for information and costs.

Can I use my credit and ATM cards?
Mastercard and VISA are widely accepted in Europe, American Express in some locations. ATM machines are available in nearly every village. Please consult your bank to make sure your card will work in Europe.

Do I need €uros in cash?
Many shops and restaurants will accept credit cards, but some local cash is always a good idea. The widely used ATM machines will let you draw money with your credit or debit card. Transaction fees can be quite high for using credit cards, so please consult your bank which card to use best.
Of course you can also exchange US$ in cash during the opening hours of local banks.