The ultimate way to travel

The Zeppelin NT defines a new dimension in gentle and exclusive flight tourism.

Softly, the white giant rises into the air, majestically floating above the landscape. Floating away from everyday life. Enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Constance, the Allgäu and the panorama of the Swiss Alps.

Up to 14 passengers can be accomodated in the comfortable passenger gondola. There are two seats on the flightdeck, naturally for the pilot and flight attendant. There is also a toilet on board.

In 2001 the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei started passenger operations with the Zeppelin NT. Since then, more than 130,000 passengers have been welcomed on board. Let yourself be enchanted as you glide through the air with the Zeppelin NT.

Experience the Zeppelin Museum

A very special world to know – not just in the air

In the Zeppelin world you can do a lot more than just take off. You can immerse yourself in a world of different things: trivia, fascinating hands on technology and captivating experiences.

Welcome to the Zeppelin Hangar in Friedrichshafen!

With a Zeppelin hangar tour, experience the unique technology of the most modern airship in the world – right up close. You will learn about the unique design, construction and many and varied uses of the Zeppelin.

A stylish ambience and haute cuisine give the Zeppelin hangar restaurant a unique feel. Share a good meal with your family and friends and make this a special day for all of you. Whether in the restaurant, the lounge or out on the large terrace, the unique scenery invites you to stay and relax. You look directly on to the Zeppelin landing area, and one thing is for sure: You will be enchanted by every take off and landing of the Zeppelin.

Highest level of comfort, with maximum safety

High-tech, accumulated know-how and an unrivalled experience-base is the foundation of the success of the Zeppelin NT


The structure with 1,100kg, is lightweight with high stability. It consists of 12 segments of tri-angular carbon fiber crossbeams, connected to 3 Longerons made from welded Aluminium. Aramid ropes are also used to brace the whole structure and give it extra rigidity. All the major components, like the cabin, the fins and the engines are mounted on the structure. Therefore, even with a loss of envelope pressure, a high level of manoeuverability is maintained.

Zeppelin LZ NT07-101 – An newest technology airship

First flight: 18th September 1997
Engines: 3x Lycoming IO-360 with 147kw/200PS per engine
Length: 75 m
Max. Width: 19,5 m
Height: 17,4 m
Envelope volume: 8.425 m³
Max. take off weight: 400 kg
Payload: 1.900 kg
Max. speed: 125 km/h
Max. flight altitude: 3.000 m MSL
Max. endurance : approx. 22 h
Range: 1.000 km